"Good person with a great heart and testimony. George and I met in Florida some years back and also sang together in a quartet.
To all my gospel music promoters and friends... don’t be afraid to put him on your schedule. He will fill your heart with love and praise as he sings about his and our Savior."
-Hank (Michigan)

"Having sung with this awesome man of God for years I know firsthand that it’s not just a beautiful voice on a really big guy This fella truly walks the talk and walks the music ... so excited for this new venture George and many are going to be blessed because of this ministry."
-Becki (Texas)

"I love this Spirit-led man and his mission of love and peace for all. Watching from afar with smiles and prayers!!"
-Brenda (South Dakota)

"This man is gifted with not only an incredible voice, but also a heart for the Lord."  
-Vicki (Michigan)

"Way to go Dad! I'm super proud of you! You have an amazing gift. I hope you are able to book multiple engagements around the Grand Rapids area!
-Aaron (Michigan)"

Congratulations George, you have the musical gift, thankful you are using it for God’s glory."   
-Mike & Jeannene, South Dakota)
George and Vicki Pushkar
God has blessed you with a wonderful voice. So glad to see you sharing it, along with your passion for Christ with such heart.
-Teri, Michigan

Great Godly Guy with a Beautiful voice and a Great Love for God!
-Joyce & Bob, New York

Dad, I am so proud of you. You always do such a great job of singing.You will bless many people, as you travel around Michigan and maybe even Florida.
-Eric, Florida